Kovári LLC provides comprehensive intellectual property attorney representation services for both Hungarian and foreign clients. This includes among other services consulting and representation at Hungarian and international agencies, authorities and courts.



Our IP counsel represents clients regarding Hungarian patents, European patents, either via the national/regional or the PCT pathway. Handling SPC is also within our daily routine.


Utility models

The IP system of certain countries, such as Hungary, provide possibilities to file utility models. Thereby an easy, quick and cheaper protection is available for less complicated technical solutions (excluding, processes, uses, and compounds).



An applicant has three, legally almost identical, possibilities to get trademark protection for Hungary. These are the following: national trademarks, EU trademarks (formerly known as community trademark or CTM), or international trademarks according to the Madrid Agreement designating Hungary or the EU.



An applicant has three, legally almost identical possibilities to get design protection for Hungary. These are the following: national design, registered community design (i.e. EU design or RCD), or international design designating Hungary or the EU according to the Hague Agreement. We are at the disposal of our clients to assist regarding all three types of designs.



If a name or address of a right holder changes, or if the IP right is assigned to another party, the recordal of change is necessary to enjoy all benefits of the IP right in question. We understand that recordal work is of mainly administrative nature, therefore our service fees are tailored taking this into account.


Contentious issues

One may face a point when the IP protection is infringed, or an attack against others’ IP right is necessary. To represent clients in these matters a solid knowledge of the case law and the Hungarian judicial system is essential.